Saturday, October 27, 2012

Vacations and Naps

Isn't it funny that after a holiday, we get home all exhausted and worn out and need a vacation to recover from the vacation?  Or, is that just me?

I had a great time at my sister's, with lots of shopping in the big city, as opposed to the meager shopping I can do in the small town where I'm stuck living.  Even spent a few hours at Barnes & Noble, browsing and wandering and filling my arms with books for the Winter months ahead.  I also stocked up on food items, and other stuff I can't get in the barren wastelands of southern Oregon.  It was a very fun week, not just for the shopping and the energy, but also to visit with my mother, my sister and her husband.

Planning to take lots of photos of the changing leaves, scenery, and whatever struck my fancy on the road trip, I was very unhappy to discover, after only taking a few shots, that my camera battery was dead.  It's the rechargeable kind, not the just-go-to-the-store-and-get-more-batteries kind I am used to from my previous camera.  Because I had no idea the battery was soon to expire, I didn't even think to bring my battery charger (lesson learned...too late). 

Honestly, we are truly living in strange times:  I brought my charger for the phone, my charger for my Kindle, and yet still needed another one.  If there's ever an EMP, we're all doomed.  So.  No pictures, and natch, I saw a hundred things I wanted to photograph.

Yesterday, home again, I spent the day putting my stuff away, doing laundry, walking the dogs, and trying to get back into my normal routine, but I was tired, totally unmotivated and had to force myself to do what little I managed; didn't even turn on the laptop to catch up with my usual blog reads, or write one of my own.

And today I'm not terribly inspired either, but I think that's mainly due to the dark and gloomy weather and pouring rain.  (That is not a complaint!  I've been waiting months for this perfectly dreadful crap weather.)  So, I've got a big batch of spaghetti sauce simmering on the stove, and will shortly sit down to finish one of the books I bought in the big city while the rain pounds on the roof and streams down the windows.

It was a good road trip, great to hang with the family for a bit, get away for a few days and refresh my mind. 

Though I still think a nap is in order...yawn...


  1. How special....and what a coincidence!!! I just returned home from spending a couple of days w my dear sister and her husband. AND we shopped our butts off! So much fun. I'm home now and getting back in my routine after being off work the past week.
    And bummer about your camera battery. Dang! But the memory of the sights you saw will live in your mind forever...enjoy your homemade sauce!

    1. Nothing like sisters and shopping! ;D

      My dinner was wonderful, though now I'm pleasantly full and even more sleepy...and still the rain falls. I love this kind of weather: raging outside, warm and cosy inside.