Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Seriously? You Call That a Storm?

Some good snow overnight, though right now at 3:00pm it's so sunny I'm nearly blind from the glare beaming through the front windows, and all the beautful fluffy white is gone.  What kind of crap storm was that?  I was truly hoping for a couple of gnarly snow days, but though the sky is churning with black clouds, they aren't coming anywhere in my direction.  Nuts...

I finished the new blog and the prologue, but haven't officially published either.  I'm not totally pleased with it, but hope once I get into the plot, the next installment will be more interesting.  Uh huh.  This whole idea could be one big charley foxtrot, but I'll run with it for now. 

Here's the link, if anyone's curious: www.scribbles2013.blogspot.com.

And now that I've linked it, I guess I'd better go publish the stuff, huh?  Then I'm off to make some Lemon Cheesecake Cookies.  I saw this recipe on a Food Network show the other day and hopefully it will be as easy for me to bake as it was for the TV person. 

Okay, I know.  Famous last words...


  1. Replies
    1. And the cookies had me at the first bite! They were soooo delicious--and tasted just like a bite of true cheesecake--that I ate two. Now I have to ration them as there were only a dozen to start with.