Sunday, December 30, 2012

Room With a View...

I talk to Jan (BFF) on Sundays.  Today we're mulling over what's happened since last week's phone call; we commiserate about men, goofy dogs, the sad and sorry state of the world, and what I'm currently writing.  Along the way, we laugh, feel bad, perk up and laugh some more.  We could take this act on the road, it's so familiar and comforting.

As we're talking, I wander about the house doing easy chores, like watering the plants, start the laundry, make a smoothie, load the dishwasher...whatever I can do that only takes one hand.  So, as I'm dinking, I happen to glance out one of the front room windows that overlooks the road and the ol' dead oak tree on the other side.  I stop, squint, move closer and stare.  Jan asks me what's wrong as I've stopped talking in mid-sentence.  "It's the hawk," I whisper, as if the bird could hear me and fly off.

"Quick!" she yells, "Get your camera!"

This is the third time in as many weeks the hawk has either appeared or flown around the house while I've been talking to her.  I have yet to get a solid shot of the guy.  I grab the camera and dash to the den window which has an unobstructed view of the tree.

"Is he still there?"

"Yeah," I mutter, "though I'm having a hard time holding the phone and the camera--"

"Put down the damn phone!"

I drop the phone to the desk, but now I'm having trouble focusing the telephoto because I'm laughing at the tiny little voice wafting up from my phone as Jan keeps asking me questions.  "Shut up," I hiss, then we both start laughing harder.  Pathetic really.  If I worked for Nat Geo, I could never take her with me on assignments.

Still.  Here are three fairly good photos of the elusive Red tailed Hawk.  He is not only a very handsome fellow, but huge.  Like eagle-sized huge.  If you click on the last two shots, look at the color of those eyes.  Wow.  I think I'm in love...

Later, pictures taken, Jan asks me about New Year's resolutions, but I mention that instead I'm attempting The 52 Weeks idea.  Now we've decided to do it together.  Well, not do the same things, but do one thing each week, then on Sundays we can tell what we did.  Since we both live in very small towns, there will definitely be challenges; there's only so much going on, after all.

Though, maybe that will be half the fun...??


  1. Congrats on finally getting a photograph of that bird.

    1. Truly. I love the wildlife part of living up my mountain, for sure.

  2. I'm sorry for the loss of your man. I lost mine September 20, 2011. When I sit up in my bed I look across False Creek and stare into the eagle's nest in the big old cottonwood tree above the Coast Guard station. Your pictures of the hawk are wonderful. I like the way you write, kind of casual and natural. I am doing The Artist's Way (Julia Cameron, 12 week program) with a friend starting in January. It has elements like your 52 weeks. Well, good luck to both of us for 2013. I hope you find your right place to nest.

    1. I'm sorry for your loss as well. It wasn't part of the plan that things ended up like this, you know?

      If I were a female hawk, I'd be chasing that handsome guy! ;D

      The Artist's Way is cool. I did it awhile back, and learned much.

      Happy New Year!!

  3. He is sooooo majestic. It's like he wanted his photo taken. Amazing.
    Doing the 52 week thing with your friend will keep you both accountable. Brilliant idea....

    1. Isn't he gorgeous? And yeah, after all my attempts, it was like he decided to grant me a photo session...

      Jan is incredibly busy, with 1001 different things going on in her life, so I don't see her actually doing the 52. Though she will be my cheerleader every step of the way...and she'll make me laugh, which is just as important as participating.