Saturday, December 15, 2012

Snow and Sorrow

It snowed for an hour or so first thing this morning, though didn't stick.   There were just tiny flakes, so ethereal they seemed to float rather than actually fall. Still, it was snow.

In the photo above you can't see the mountains behind the ridges, but every now and then the clouds shift and there's a little glimpse of the real snowfall.

I've been working on building another blog, one that is just my stories, separate from my daily derrings-do on this site.  I have an idea about a novella, or maybe just a long, short story (and there's an oxymoron if I ever wrote one), though everything--the new blog, my thoughts, the plot--are in the early stages.

Since the horrors of yesterday, I have been avoiding the internet, and the television.  I cried for the poor wee babies who perished, and the families who will never recover, but the constant media bombardment is too much for me.  Even trying to get onto my blog just now, I couldn't avoid the screaming headlines.

And I'm not going to soapbox here, but I have to say one thing:  Besides addressing gun regulation--or more specifically the lack thereof--I think this country should also seriously begin focusing on the other, hopelessly overlooked issue of mental illness.  It's not just the gun, it's the mind behind the trigger.

That's all.  Snow and sorrow.  What a world we live in...


  1. I would love to see you do another blog. I'd be your first follower, friend ;-).
    I have no words for Friday's massacre. No words. Well, I can't get past the word, heartbreak. What can possibly be learned from this?

  2. I think you are 100% correct in that we need to focus on both gun control and mental illness. We can learn so much from this tragedy. I just wish it didn't take tragedy to bring these issues to the forefront.

  3. My worry is that once the pain and immediacy of this tragedy has dimmed, things will go back to 'normal'. The gun lobbyists are fierce, with big numbers and lots of clout; mental illness is growing unchecked in a bleak economy without resources.

    I just hope with all my heart that somehow things will change, and 20 innocent little children won't have died in vain...

  4. " It's not just the gun, it's the mind behind the trigger."

    I agree with that statement very much.

    The other day I was wondering whatever happened to your Pilgrim story arc. That one was interesting. If/when you do the other blog, I promise to have a look.

    1. I got bored with those two stuck in the snow cave; left them to get off the mountain by themselves. ;D

      I'm working on a plot idea for the maybe-new blog, and if/when I go online with it, I'll post the deets...