Monday, December 17, 2012

Storms Aplenty

Last night I thought the house was going to blow off the mountain.  So did the boys.  Truly strong winds, branches falling, debris crashing into the windows, lost internet and television, and a long stretch with constantly flickering lights that made me put out flashlights and candles all over the house.  We went to bed earlier than usual, though none of us could settle very well, what with the weird noises and the wind wailing like a banshee 'round the corners of the house.  A bad storm is a good time to be glad I have a Kindle.  I was under my heavy blankets, a dog on either side, and a book to read that didn't require electricity, candles or even my trusty flashlight.

Then this morning we woke to torrential rains, some of the blackest clouds I have ever seen, and my Christmas wreath in the bushes across the road.  It's a bit the worse for wear, but I put it back up anyway, though this will likely be the last year, poor beat up old thing.

Against my better judgment, I took the boys down the mountain to the park later in the morning.  We managed to get about ten minutes into a very soggy walk when the skies burst open and the rain took 'downpour' to a whole new level.  I thought Ozzy was going to wash away, so we all turned tail and ran back to the car.  It didn't escape my notice that we were the only dopes ones out there either. 

So, heading back home in wet coats (them) and drenched clothes (me), the car smelling like damp dog and the bag of poop in my pocket that I forgot to toss in my haste to get back to the car.  And believe me, with the heat on and in the confined space of the Blazer, I was sorely tempted more than once to throw the bag out the window, but I didn't.  I waited--then leaped out of the car and hit the garbage can the second I was in the garage.  Who knew those little bags were so...thin?

This afternoon I worked on the prologue to the story I'm writing for the new blog, while snow and wind raged outside.  There's something so comforting about being inside when the weather is foul.  We walked to the mailbox just before it got dark, which I was sorry about because a) the damn postman was late again so no mail, and b) the temperature was down into the low 30s and dropping with every step.  Guess the weather folks are right for a change: we're supposed to be getting a snowstorm tonight that will carry on into Wednesday.

Being housebound for a day or two might be just what I need to finish #75, the last book in my 2012 Reading Challenge; post the new blog and start the serial story; make some Christmas cookies...and stay indoors warm and cozy.  I've got food, wine, whiskey and a couple pals to keep me company.

Yeah...that works for me.

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