Sunday, January 13, 2013

Second Week of 52...Cafe du Monde

I had some upsetting news today from Scotland, and though I'm waiting to get all the details, I find myself up to the knees in the Slough of Despond.  I can't stand being so far away.  I'm missing the family, my friends, Alan; I'm missing the neighborhood, my old house.  I'm just...missing.

Walking the boys this morning, I had to fight the urge to feel sorry for myself, struggle against pushing the elevator button to the sub-basement in my head, inhabited by mind parasites and an evil twin who loves to wallow and whinge.

I was going to drive to one of the covered bridges because it's the last day of Week Two, but halfway around the VA complex with the dogs, I realized I'd left the map and my camera at home--because I was too busy missing and not thinking.  I barked out a slightly insane laugh, pondered the idea I might be going senile, then slumped in resignation that I wasn't going to accomplish my second week of the 52s.

But wait.  As I'm driving home, I have an epiphany.  I smile as the realization dawns:  I can achieve three things by just doing one!  A vision of beignets and chicory coffee, the Cafe du Monde on Decatur Street, the sounds and smells of Nawlins....

You're no doubt wondering what three things?  What is she talking about?  Has the poor girl finally lost the plot?

Allow me to explain:

1.  Cafe du Monde beignets are the best in the world.  I've had the recipe for ages but never made them.  Aha!  The Week Two fun and new thing.

2.  It will take concentration and time to make these little gems, which will divert my mind from the sub-basement.

3.  And, at the end of the day, I will have a most wonderful treat, a delicious cup of coffee, and can sit back, imagining good things instead of sad ones.

So.  I stop at the store, buy the yeast, and a few other items I'll need, dash home and begin creating the beignets.  It has indeed taken most of the day, though the dough had to rise for over two hours which gave me time to clean up the mess in the kitchen, and talk to Jan (BFF) for our usual Sunday phone call.

Here are a few shots:

Dough, risen to epic heights after 2-1/2 hours in a cozy warm place...

...after being rolled out into little bites, then quickly fried...

The most excellent coffee, brewed just right in my French Press...

And the best thing of all?  Beignets, fresh from bouncing around in the paper bag of powdered sugar; my wee demitasse cup of coffee on the side:

So, it's with a big sigh of pleasure that I finally made these amazing morsels, I've cleared my mind by thinking of things other than my worries, and have another week under my belt where I found a fun, new thing to broaden my experience.

My day might not have started very well, but at the end of it, I think I managed okay...


  1. So I obviously read these posts out of sync. Silly me....what gorgeous little morsels! You done well! Nothing beats a shitty start to the day when it ends on a good note. Cheers for reminding me does happen...

    1. They were truly delicious, though perhaps that was the problem with not being able to stop until I got a stomach ache! ;p