Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Yeah, I Know Plans Change, But...

So.  Second week of the 52s, and already the thing I had planned is not likely to happen, nor, as it turns out, the one for week three.  There's a reason why we say,"the best-laid plans of mice and men, often go awry."  And trust me, they go just as wrong for women, and little dogs.

This week's adventure was to find two of the six covered bridges that are scattered randomly across my corner of the world.  They're old, very cool and the pictures I've seen remind me of New England.  The two I'm looking for are within striking distance, though there will be serious wandering over hill and dale trying to find them.  One is 25 miles east of me, the other 23 miles west.  I knew I would be too busy Tuesday and Wednesday, so decided Thursday might be a good day, but Friday for sure.

Plan Derailment #1:  Tonight the weather is taking a serious dive.  High winds, drastic temperature drop, and snow that is to continue through the weekend.  Not exactly explore the backroads of America weather.  Nuts.  But, okay, I'll move this adventure down the list and try to think of something else new and fun to do instead...on top of my a blizzard...

Next week's project was a stretch out of my comfort zone, but something I really wanted to do.  The Valley Arts Association is having their opening night reception to kick off the Arts season.  Local artists, wine and new artwork to view at the Expose Yourself 2013 event.  I love art shows, exhibits, receptions, but one thing I have a hard time doing--and being an outgoing person, it's a weird personality glitch--is to walk solo into a room full of strangers.  Eewww.  However, as part of my 52s project, and because I want to see the art, regardless of being totally out of my zone, I was looking forward to doing it.

Plan Derailment #2:  Yesterday I took the boys for their annual doggy wellness checks.  They got their shots, physicals, all is going fine, both are fit and healthy, then I casually mention to the vet that Max has this funny little lump on his chest, about the size of a pea.  He looks, frowns, decides to take a cell sample, and ten minutes later we're scheduling Max for surgery next week to remove a cancerous tumor.  Holy crap.  It's some kind of awful aggressive cancer that needs to be dealt with immediately.  Have I already said holy crap, or was that just my head spinning? 

I love my vet, he is an amazing, caring man and I trust this will go fine.  I'm also very glad I not only noticed the lump, but told him about it, though wow, I had no clue things would take such a turn.  It goes without saying that I won't be going to the Arts reception on Friday as poor Max will just be out of surgery, all dopey and stitched up.

So.  Snow and surgery and two derailments.  Is this a test?  (If so, bugger off, Zeus!)  I'm not giving in, or losing my momentum on the 52s, though it will be interesting to see what I come up with if the snow really comes.  If it doesn't, I might toss the boys in the car over the weekend and meander off the beaten track to find at least one of the bridges. 

And next week's escapade?  Well, maybe being the caregiver to Frankenweenie will just have to be the adventure...


  1. Sorry about your dog, but at least it's being dealt with directly.

    And, don't plan, you silly girl. After all, plans are the quickest way to make the gods laugh.

    Scheme. Trust me one this; scheme. That way you never have a ruined plan.

    1. Plan has just become my new four-letter word.

      I like scheme...I can do scheme.

  2. Oh, your poor pup! So glad you got this taken care of. You're a wonderful mother to those pooches...

    1. I'm sure he'll do fine with the surgery part--great vet, as I said. It's what the future holds that worries me. He's such a sweet, loving little guy; since I rescued him two years ago he's just been so grateful to have a home.

  3. Grateful animals are so dear...really. Keep positive. He's got many good years ahead with your love and care.