Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Oh C'mon...Really?

Ozzy had me up most of the night, outside he wandered around, sniffing every blade of grass in the backyard, staring at the frigging moon, acting like it was High Noon and why wasn't everyone awake. 

Of course, once the day started he's suddenly all I'm-so-tired-and-could-you-keep-it-down-please, spending the better part of the day having nice long naps--even snoring!!  And too bad for me, this was a busy day, with loads of things to do--which seemed twice as hard and time-consuming because I'm so frigging tired.  Buggers.


Then, I read this article on the internet whilst drinking my lunch (no, not whiskey--though that would have been good--no, just my usual smoothie, more's the pity). 

Get this.  And honestly, even if I'd had a wonderful night's sleep, this would piss me off...

There's this woman.  30 years old.  Lived in New Zealand, though now she'd dead.  Why is she dead?  Because she drank 9 quarts (almost 18 pints) of Coca-Cola every single day.  Every. Single. Day.  Even after all her teeth rotted out of her head.  Even after several of her 8 children were born with no enamel on their teeth.  Every day, she ingested almost 1000 mgs of caffeine (twice the amount a normal body should take in).  She drank over 2 lbs of sugar per day in those Cokes, (11 times the amount for a normal body).

She died of a heart attack.

Her family is blaming Coca-Cola.


When do people take responsibility for their own bloody behavior?  Did someone stand over that woman and force her to drink lethal amounts of soda?  No, they didn't.  Did she give a thought to her babies, born with no enamel in their teeth?  No, she didn't. 

Why is this Coca-Cola's fault?  The company has had to defend themselves in court over this.  They have to put additional labeling on their bottles to be more clear about the contents of their drinks.  Are you kidding me?

Some days, I just can't stand it.


Oh, and just to clarify:  I don't have any affiliation with Coca-Cola.  I don't drink any brand of soda because I know none of them are good for my body, or my teeth.  It's not rocket science.

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