Friday, February 8, 2013

Week 6 of the 52s...The Arts Center

After walking the boys, I decided it was the perfect morning to check out the Arts Center, especially since I was parked mere feet from the entrance.  I was sorry to miss the reception a few weeks ago because of Max's surgery, so no time like the present.

Before I took any photos, I asked the Gallery Manager if it would be okay.  I've been in a few places in Europe where your camera can get you into major trouble--been there, done that, barely talked my way out it--however, that is not the case here, in my little town.
Aleta, the manager, couldn't have been nicer, nor the other woman who happened to be in her office, Diana, an artist and calligrapher.  (Last fall, Diana actually met and worked with the President's Calligrapher.  How cool is that?)
After I blathered on explaining the 52s, my blog, and how I ended up living in the area, it must have been pretty clear that I don't get out much, though they were both very kind to listen.  Aleta told me about another reception in March, which I will pencil in since I missed the last one, and thanks to two very friendly and interesting women, I won't be walking into a room full of strangers.  That works for me.
So, onward to the Gallery:
It's a beautiful building, very bright and welcoming.  Looking to the right down the hall... I stood in the middle with this part of the gallery directly in front of me:
And to my left, down the other direction of the hallway...
There were wonderful little niches, and smaller rooms, with every kind of artistic works imaginable from textural to oil and watercolor, pottery and jewelry.  I had a great time wandering...
In one small room, an artist named Jim Lockwood, had this amazing piece that I just loved.  It was a metal structure covered with bits and bobs of everything under the sun.  My photos aren't great as the piece was right near the window and the sun was just blazing in...
Magic Potion:

In the large, main gallery, I spotted another of his works, this one a horse made with horseshoes and the nails that attach them to a hoof.  I really like his artistry...
Blind Ringer: 
This fabric creation was just stunning in person.  The material used for the skin actually looked and felt like scales. Wonderful textures and incredible sewing skills.  I would have taken this one home in a heartbeat, though it wasn't for sale.
Huracon-Winged Serpent, by Karla Roady:
And here is Diana's watercolor/calligraphy.  I truly want this one.  It's so...I don't know, happy and cheerful...empowering.  Again, the sun was just brilliantly lighting the room, so my camera over-compensated, plus there's back glare on the glass; still, the calligraphy is incredible, the flower so bright and simple, and the message just speaks to me:  "In my wildest dreams, I am fearless"
It's A Dream, by Diana J Brown:

And speaking of dreams.  This was a huge painting, and really cool.  I'm not sure what the story is behind it, but maybe that doesn't even matter.  Make up your own story.  Isn't that what art is all about?
Dreams Can Come True, by Michael William Ousley:
Raku Rainbow, by Laurie Lee.  Beautiful, shimmery piece...
These were for sale in the gift shop, with many different faces and colors.  Garden Goddess Masks, pagan and earthy and lovely.
Gloria Vi, Victoria Carnate:

I totally loved these!  What great gifts they would make, so clever and artistic, funny and whimsical.
Walrus, by Peter Alsen:

There were several different creatures in the gift shop, each one uniquely adorable...

At the end of one long hallway, there was this room, where the artists were students from the local high school...

I really liked the creativity here.  There wasn't a title, but it was done by a student in the 11th grade:

Another 11th grader.  This watercolor was propped against the wall, on the floor, so unfortunately the angle wasn't great for my shot, which is too bad; there were so many things to see: mermaids and windmills and sailing ships.  It was really good.  And painted by a kid not even out of school...

For My Sister:

This is just a small portion of the works in the Arts Center, and I have to say, I think Week 6 of the 52s has been one of my favorite adventures so far.  Not only did I get to wander in a beautiful setting, surrounded by art and creativity, but I met two very kind women who brightened my Friday.

And since I've been looking around the house for a place to hang it, I really think I have to go back to the gallery for Diana's picture.

What better way to celebrate the 52s and wild dreams than to have a reminder to be fearless...


  1. Loved your insight on our art home, actually feel as though your eyes enlightened mine a bit too!! We are happy you have found us here! Thank you for posting this lovely day, and yes, the art piece you chose speaks volumes! signed, "one of the women visited" Aleta

    1. Oh, you're so welcome! I had the best morning and it was such a pleasure to meet you.

      And, I'll be back for "my" picture! ;D