Friday, February 15, 2013

Week 7 of the 52s...The Wait

Whilst at the Arts Center last week for my latest adventure, I picked up a prospectus for an upcoming photography event.  It got sucked into the black hole I call my purse, and wasn't discovered again until earlier this week.

The exhibit is sponsored  by ArtWorks NW out of Seattle, and is juried.  That always makes me nervous as art is so subjective.  Back in the day when Jan (BFF) and I had our business, almost everything we did was juried.  Fortunately, we never got rejected, but it's still nerve-wracking while waiting for the decision.  This show is also open to everyone on the planet; in other words, fierce competition and no doubt some truly brilliant photographers.  It's probably a good thing I can't see their work ahead of time.

And too bad for me, the photos must have been taken within the last two years.  That rules out most of my best stuff: Scotland, Italy, England, Ireland.  Then I notice the deadline.  Crap.  I have to get everything figured out within a week.

I almost crumpled the paper and tossed it in the bin.

Then I thought about the 52s, and the adventure, and doing new things.

So, I sat down at the laptop and went through the photographs I've taken over the past year.  Honestly, I wasn't too impressed, but here are the three I settled on:

Pure of Heart:

Gone South:

                                                                   Red tailed Hawk:

Once I picked the photos, next I had to print them in the size required, go to the frame place--which was having a big sale, yippee!!--get frames, matts and miscellaneous stuff, then assemble everything, which I just finished doing late yesterday afternoon.

(I'm still having fun...right??)

So.  Here are the three, framed:

Closer view...

These look so much better in person, in case anyone's thinking I've lost the plot.  It's a bit hard to see the bevel in the matting, especially around the white Bleeding Heart, and the frame isn't quite as dark as it appears in the photo.  I think my favorite is the red birdhouse with the red matt, and I like how the grayish fog-colored frame matches the snowy dark background. 

Today I'm submitting the stuff, then I'll have to wait until the end of March to see if any are chosen.  The exhibit runs from May 10th to July 5th, and though it would be really fun to have a photo in the show, I'm calling it good that I didn't toss the prospectus without even trying.

And if I don't make it through to the show?  Well then, I guess I'll be way ahead on my Christmas shopping...


N.B.  I ended up emailing my deets, the entry fee and the three jpg files.  The finished work isn't delivered until after the jury decision is made, so depending on that outcome, for now they're hanging in my hallway where they don't look half bad. 


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks! And yeah, it's my fav, though in person the white Bleeding Heart is pretty nice, too.

  2. Really lovely! I'm partial to the bleeding hearts. My mother had pink ones in her garden when I was a kid and seeing them always warms my heart...especially around Valentine's Day...I think you'll win, friend.

    1. Thanks so much...

      It would be cool to get one of the pictures in the show, but if not, the adventure of actually entering is what really counts.