Friday, May 10, 2013


Took the boys to the county park this morning as it closes to dogs on May 15th for the rest of the Summer.  It was quiet, already borderline too warm, though the guys were thrilled to sniff at all the new smells, including a great deal more wildlife than they are used to at the city park.  While they peed on every blade of grass and snorted under shrubs and bushes, I took some photos.

These wild iris grow along a fenced area that divides a large field from the actual park...

I am forever fascinated by the inner world of flowers...

After walking the fence line, we crossed the road and meandered along the river.  I glanced down this slope into a thicket of scrub and saw this lone wild rose... 

With my telephoto, I could see how pretty it was.  At first I thought how sad the poor wee thing was growing by itself surrounded by choking shrubbery...but then I considered it from the natural world perspective and had to smile.  No competition when you command the whole stage...

It was a nice long trek this morning.  The boys were happy to have new smells, and I was happy to take a few photos.


The other day when I was at the store buying the Weed Eater, I also bought myself a bird.  I don't normally do garden ornaments, though this is the second one I've purchased this year--which hopefully won't lead down that slippery slope into gnomes and fake deer and gods know what else.  Still, I just couldn't resist, no matter the possible future ramifications.
My garden bird...

It makes me smile every time I look at it!  It's goofy and funny and a perfectly charming little thing to sit in my big oak barrel.


Tonight I'm doing Week 19 of the 52s.  I'm nervous, though for no real reason other than walking into a room full of strangers always does this to me.  Weird, isn't it?  I have travelled the globe, been places and seen things many folks never have or will.  And yet I get nervous about something so silly.  Go figure.

Maybe that's why I liked my little bird so much...apparently I'm just as goofy.


  1. Those wild iris are absolutely beautiful!!!

    1. Even up here on the mountain there are several clumps of these amazing flowers under the oak trees along the road. I guess they grow wild all over this part of the world...what a very cool thing.