Saturday, May 25, 2013 100+ Words

Jolting awake, heart pounding, she gasped for air, felt his arms slipping away from her body as the dream melted into shadow.  Pressing a fist to her stomach at the painful stab of loss, she sat up, swung her legs over the side of the bed, then bent over until her head rested on her knees.  She could still feel the contours of his chest on her cheek, hear the steady beat of his heart in her ear, the fresh, clean scent of him lingering in her nose. 

Leaving the empty bedroom, she turned on lights, knowing from bitter experience the middle of night held the true heart of darkness.

And that sometimes she was more capable of dealing with the specter of insomnia than the phantom in her dreams.
Really tried to write 100 Words, though just couldn't pare it down, but that's okay because it says what I wanted it to say in 130...


  1. It got your point across. Kind of like the bit in Amadeus about too many notes;

    "There are just as many notes as needed. No more, no less..."

    1. True...after all, what's 30 more words amongst friends? ;D