Tuesday, May 28, 2013

No Explanation

Do you ever wonder what happens when you sleep? That perhaps the fairies come and steal you away to dance with wild abandon about the forest whilst Oberon and Titania smile from their bower?  Or maybe it's the Pooka, enticing you with his golden eyes until you leap on his sleek back, hold fast to his ebony mane and race into the night for a reckless, breathtaking ride.

I sleep in a regular bed, with a regular pillow.  I don't think I toss and turn much because the duvet is still there when I wake up instead of kicked into a heap on the floor; my head still rests on my cozy pillow; the boys still nestle in their spots, seemingly not bothered by any abnormal flailing on my part.

But surely something must be going on because this is how I woke up today. How did that tuft of hair get stuck straight up in the air like a rooster's tail?  How is it possible--when I lay flat on a pillow--that my hair can look like it was sucked into a vacuum hose whilst I slept?  The G-forces of alien abduction?

It's an inexplicable mystery...


And dear readers, you will notice my hair is still a scalped, princely shade of red.  It turns out, waiting for hair to grow is right up there with watching paint dry...


  1. I think it looks kind of punk-rock. Or at least new-wave. Go with it;p.

  2. I don't mind punk rock spikes--that's pretty much how I wear it anyway. What I don't get is how that big clump was formed during my sleep. Unless...maybe my hair has a secret life?! ;D

  3. Ha! Who knows...well I guess someone must know ;-)