Saturday, May 11, 2013

Week 19 of the 52s...On The Wall

Last night was the opening reception for Photo NW 2013.  This will be the third time I have used this exhibition for the 52s, though each one counts--as far as I'm concerned anyway--as a new adventure.  Week 7 was the first when I submitted three photographs to the juried exhibition; Week 12 was finding out I was one of 24 photographers chosen; and this week I actually got to see my photo hanging on the wall in the exhibit.

And can I just take a second here to say how cool that was?  A most excellent reward for trying something new, taking a chance, stepping out there.

The show was in the Red Door Gallery at the Arts Center.  As I stood on the threshold, there was my photo, first thing I laid eyes on.  I couldn't hold back the smile...or the rush of excitement.

Look!  There it is, right next to the flowers...

Ironically, here's a bad photo of my photo...

This was my pick of the show.  The colors were so vibrant, every detail so clear and sharp.  It was a wonderful photograph.  (Back glare due to bright sunshine streaming in the gallery windows...)

These black and whites, taken by two different guys, were very dramatic in person.

A funny family photo with silly poses.  I loved the color against the dark, elongated shadows...

Each photograph was interesting in its own right, and so diverse.  From Vietnamese peasants making tea to the bright green girders of a bridge; the shiny chrome of a fender to the golden hues inside a barn.  I feel very privileged to be part of it.

I had a good time at the reception.  Even without my photo in the exhibit I would have counted this as my Week 19 adventure because I did something out of my comfort zone: walking amongst strangers. There was quite a crowd; a few times I felt like a wraith floating between worlds, overhearing snatches of conversation and laughter, not included in the small town camaraderie.  I did talk to some people, and enjoyed myself, though this would have been a moment to share and I missed that.  Alan would have been beaming from ear to ear.

Ah well.  Just before I left, I stood in the doorway of the Red Door Gallery and smiled at my achievement. That's worth something.

And hey! Now I'm sharing with you, dear readers, and that's worth something too...

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