Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Writing and Windows

I was determined to post the latest installment on Scribbles today, no matter what, even with my sister coming on Thursday, the Mother Ship arriving Friday, and a shitload of housework to get done over the next few days. 
The morning started with the local window washing fellow--and three of his cohorts--coming to wash inside and out...including the skylights which seem to be cobweb central.  And man, the windows are shining in the sun now!  Jeremy is the nicest guy, and does an exceptional job for very reasonable rates.  Good thing too as I would never be able to reach more than half the windows if I had to wash them myself.  I'm not afraid of heights, but I draw the line at teetering on a ladder, 30 feet off the ground, balancing a bucket whilst trying to squeegee huge windows.
While the guys were working, I was jumping between writing, cleaning the bathrooms, and doing laundry.  It's amazing the places your mind will go when you're scrubbing a toilet.  Seriously.  I actually thought of a plot device while swishing.

Later tonight I have to haul my ladder to the corner of the house and try to hang a yellow jacket trap.  I was sweeping cobwebs off the underside of the eaves on Sunday and discovered a few industrious hornets were attempting to build a large apartment complex.  Since they are squatters and refuse to pay rent, they will have to move elsewhere.  It should be interesting trying to do this singlehandedly...without starting an assault on the interloper--and that would be me.
So, I finally got the next part of the story written and let me say, what a flaming relief.  The installment had to be totally rewritten--which really means I wrote it twice--and ended up being longer than expected.  Still, I'm happy because it's been bothering me for a couple of weeks and at last I'm caught up.  I really need to get back to a more regular writing schedule, and now that the yard work is basically done, with any luck at all, I shouldn't have to devote weeks of mindless torturous grueling effort again until Fall. 

At least in theory...

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