Sunday, May 26, 2013

Panorama Sunday

I finally got my bloody panorama program to work, and how much do I love this?  Lots. 

Took the photos early this morning off my back deck as clouds drifted across the valley in a kaleidoscope of colors and light.  The contrasts were so beautiful in person.  Some days I feel so trapped on this mountain, isolated from the vibrant energy of city living...then I wake up on a morning like this, marvel at the beauty, and can't imagine looking at buildings and structures, my head filled with noise instead of wind song.

So, between grousing, cursing and dinking with the photo program, then talking way too long with the BFF for our usual Sunday catch-up, I'm now going to take the boys for a walk before pouring myself a nice big glass of Lambrusco as I settle in to enjoy the rest of my Sunday.

Happy long weekend, peeps...


  1. How gorgeous, friend. You deserve a glass...or 3 ;-)

  2. Thanks, it is a pretty cool view...and yeah I had a BIG glass of my favorite Italian wine.