Sunday, September 30, 2012

Magpie Tales 137...Silverware

It Must Be Time For Lunch Now, 1979, by Francesca Woodman

Insidious forks
melting like wax
into surging waves of madness
Fear keeps violence at bay
tines eager to stab
rest on sweaty palm
How peaceful then
is the lovely smooth bowl
of the spoon

Magpie Tales 137.  I have to say--and art is subjective, so I can say this regardless of how others might view her--that I struggle with Woodman's artistic concepts.  They're just too crazy-weird for me, resonating pure bedlam.  Still.  I liked the spoon...


  1. Very nice. You captured the mood in the telling images of the cutlery!

  2. Lovely contrast of fork and spoon.

  3. I never understood how much more violent forks could be! Nowhere near knives, but "surging waves of violence", none the less. I am thankful for the peacefulness of spoons. I enjoyed this, Terlee. Thank you. =D

  4. Great comparison of the fork and spoon. I find your opening line, 'Insidious forks' wonderfully arresting.

  5. The tines they are a-changing. Well written...

  6. I fear I might not sit down to sup quite the same for a time...loved this. The tranquility of the spoon, I can feel lit.

  7. YOu captured the picture's image so well with your poem. :)

  8. Yes, stick with the spoon. Nice!

  9. Spoon is always best especially for this Terlee!

  10. I love the notion of insidious forks...