Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Sad Day...

While I was out for 20 minutes this afternoon picking up my new spectacles, I got a phone call from my dear friend and neighbor where I used to live in Edinburgh.  I knew something was wrong, not only because we had just talked last month for my birthday, but because there was...something...in her voice. 

I immediately called her back.  And yes, the something wrong was a sad, sad thing.  Her sweet little dog, Poppy--and Ozzy's best friend--passed away this morning.  It just broke my heart.  And I swear, I have cried more in the past two years than in the previous thirty.  Too many losses, changes, endings.  I can't stand it.

Alan and I got Ozzy in January, 2003 and in April Morag rescued Poppy from a dreadful puppy mill situation where she was forced to have litter after litter for almost eight years.  It was a horrible life, but Morag saved her, and gave her a wonderful, happy nine years.  Poppy was dearly loved, by her family, friends, and by everyone who knew her, including her best bud...

Because they lived across the street from each other, Oz and Poppy spent lots of time together, either on daily walks or just hanging to play.  At night, before bed, Morag would walk Poppy up the avenue at the same time I wandered around the garden with Ozzy.  The four of us often met at the top gate and said our goodnights to each other.

I took this shot in February, 2005.  Ozzy was still a skinny adolescent, though Poppy was at her prime. 

She was the most gentle, lovable little creature.  I know it was her time, she was having elderly dog troubles and was in pain, but it still breaks my heart that her beautiful spirit is no more.

I hope there's a doggy heaven, Poppy.  You'll look amazing with wings as white and fluffy as your coat...

 September 4, 2012
Fare Well, Sweet Girl


  1. Awww love, such sweet garden memories...she was loved. Isn't that what we all want? You see to embody this so well....


    1. I've had to say goodbye too much these past few years. With Poppy going yesterday, it just reminded me so of my life in Scotland and how terribly I miss family, friends, the place itself.

      [How've you been? Awfully quiet in your part of the world lately...]