Friday, September 7, 2012

The Universe Provides...

The ways of the Universe are often so strange and inexplicable.  At least to my mind.  There have been moments of enlightenment, sudden clarity of vision or insight, though generally I go through my days wondering at the true meaning of it all, and my place in the Grand Scheme. 

I believe--most of the time--that the Universe unfolds as it should, whether I understand it or not.  I've had enough odd occurrences and weird events throughout my life that I would be a fool not to take note; being a Buddhist also gives me a different perspective than the traditional western philosophies.  In theory.

Yesterday I was still at the bottom of the well, in my personal oubliette, filled with deep, dark thoughts and anguish.  It started with Poppy, of course, which led to my acute homesickness for Edinburgh, followed by many tears and much angst about wanting my old life back.  Made no difference that intellectually I know that can never be.  Emotionally I would have made a deal with the devil to go back in time.

And then, the Universe intervened.

Blowing my nose, wiping my tears for the hundredth time, I heard a knock at the door.  It was the UPS guy with a small package for me.

At long last, my Tibetan Prayer Flags had arrived from Nepal.

They are beautiful, colorful--blue (sky), white (cloud), red (fire), green (water) and yellow (earth)--handmade of silk by Tibetan refugees, warm and soothing against my palms, sliding between my fingers.  I reverently touched the galloping Wind Horse, flames shooting off his back from the center of the yellow flag, the Four Dignities in each corner, fierce and wonderful: tiger, snow lion, garuda and dragon.  My spirits lifted, I smiled...

...and suddenly remembered a post I'd read on Tuesday (Poppy's leaving day), from Irish.  He wrote about prayer flags and the Everest in his mind.  It was a great post, and I briefly remembered my long overdue flags, though before I could follow that thread, everything was eclipsed by my phone call to Scotland.  Today, right now, I have to ponder the timing, the coincidence of things...

The purpose behind Tibetan prayer flags are to promote peace, compassion, good will, wisdom, strength; blessings blown by the wind, bringing benefit to everyone.  So, because I respect the traditions and intent behind my flags, I got out one of my books to find the most auspicious time to hang them, hoping I wouldn't have to wait for Tibetan New Year, which is months away.

But no.  Here is the synchronicity of the Universe:  

Other than special occasions like weddings, festival days and the New Year, there are four truly auspicious dates related to Buddha that multiply the positive aspects of the flags.  And guess what?  September 15th is one of those four.  Yes, next week.  Should I question the odds that my flags arrived at the right time to carry blessings into the world?  Or wonder about them coming just when I needed a reminder that things happen as they're meant to?


I'm on my way outside now to find the perfect spot, where the wind will lift these bright squares of cloth, snapping the fabric like a horse galloping across the sky, wafting positive prayers to all. 

Then I'm going to count my blessings...


  1. That's awesome. Although, some Buddhists question the very nature of time in the human-made construct, seeing it as an illusion. Lunchtime, doubly so. Just saying.

    My mother's birthday was the fourteenth of this month, twistedly-funny enough...

    I imagine the place you find for your flags will be just the place they need to be...

    1. But, we know everything's an illusion...don't we? ;D

      I have chosen the spot. I think it will be just right for catching the wind, though will have to wait until next week when I hang the flags to be certain.

  2. I'm such a believer in the universe and how she ultimately provides. I hope your flags bring you peace.

    1. Thanks, though the flags aren't just for me...they're for everyone.