Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Magpie Tales 134...Paper Cut

Breakfast, 1921, Fernand Leger
Solitary meal
Sterile awareness
White walls absorbing color
Dark despair curling to choke
Razor sharp body
Thin as paper dreams
I wasn't going to post this week for the Magpie Tales 134 prompt because the picture just didn't do it for me.  But then, as I looked carefully at the image, the last line came to me.  I worked backwards on this one...and ended up doing a "pick whatever line works for you" haiku within haiku.  


  1. Working backwards, now there is a most unique approach to writing ~~~ works quite well here!

  2. Very good. Reading all backwards works very well too!

    Anna :o]

  3. It is a bleak picture. Your poem expresses it well!