Thursday, March 21, 2013

Week 12.5 of the 52s...Bit Hasty

I was a tad precipitous yesterday when I posted Week 12 of the 52s.  Chalk it up to the thrill of being chosen to exhibit my photo which drove all other thoughts out of my head.

A few weeks ago, Diane, the artist who painted the watercolor that now hangs on my wall, asked me out to lunch.  That lunch was yesterday.

During the flurry of emails about where to meet, my only criteria was that it be somewhere I hadn't been before--sticking with the intent behind the 52s: new and hopefully fun.

On the edge of downtown is this tiny little cafe called the Daily Grind.  It's near the main post office and I have driven past it numerous times over the last two years but have never gone inside.

There aren't many tables, maybe ten or so.  The atmosphere was warm, welcoming and because of the small space, it was cozy.  I chose a spot at the window.  Diane arrived with much fanfare as everyone in the place knew her, so there was lots of chatting and laughing.  In fact, she spent the better part of our lunch waving to nearly everyone who walked by the window!

It's not often I blithely go out with a total stranger, but somehow--maybe due to her painting that spoke so beautifully to me--it seemed perfectly fine to connect with her.  We had a very delicious lunch, organic and fresh, and talked like we'd known each other for years.  It was actually really nice.

Two hours later, we finally left and walked to our cars which were parked right next to each other in front of this store that Diane said was a good place to shop, so in we went.  It reminded me of a smaller version of Anthropologie.  Cool, unique clothing, to-die-for shoes, loads of jewelry and many odd little bits and bobs...

Like this...

The Dammit Doll

Check out that face!  Seriously.  There was just no way I could resist this slightly voodoo-ish doll.  There were several of them--all colors of hair and body--in this basket at the front counter.  I chose this one.

Here's what it says on the chest:

I laughed out loud, then the woman who owns the store grabbed it by the legs and whacked it really hard on the counter.  My eyes widened, but she just grinned and said, "Try it!  It feels great!"  So, of course, never one to turn down a good whacking, I did it too.  And then I didn't hesitate to bring it home with me.

What a fun and silly way to deal with any future crap situations!

So.  I had a most excellent lunch in a new cafe, spent a few hours with a delightful, warm and kind new friend, and brought home a new way to vent when things go awry.  I'd call my Week 12 pretty damn good, all the way around...