Sunday, October 13, 2013

A Moment

The weather has been exceptional this weekend, which has meant I've been outside for most of it.  And no, not having fun.  I've begun the winterizing chores: pruning, weeding, mowing, edging, trimming, sweeping, hauling, dumping, and now see the error of my ways...I need to hire a gardener.

Finally, this afternoon I actually lifted my head from the work and looked out over the valley.  There was a mist in the air, though the sun was very warm.  I was inspired to do a little video, something I haven't done in ages.  I didn't realize the breeze was strong enough to hear, so ignore that bit and my inane chatter.  

Stand beside me, here on the back deck, and enjoy the view...


  1. Lovely view. So tranquil. And nice to put a voice to the blog ;-)

  2. Funny though, I don't think I sound like that at all... ;D