Thursday, October 10, 2013

Week 41 of the 52s...Champagne and Chocolate

Okay, let me say right off that no, I'm not being seduced, enticed or led astray by anyone tempting me with either the bubbly or Godivas.  More's the pity.

I am, however, doing what most women do when they want to shake up their appearance--without plastic surgery, because ewwww the needles--which means I changed my hair this afternoon.  

A few weeks ago I came to the conclusion I'm tired of looking the same.  Guys grow 'taches and beards, women do their hair.  In fact, I've been doing this since I was about 13 and dyed my hair bright red, much to my mother's horror.  So, I went to the salon awhile back and had a long chat with my hairdresser, we went over all the color options and I made an appointment.  For today.

I wish I had some really good photos, but it's a bit hard to take a shot of yourself--never mind all the selfies that abound on the internet--so I took this one standing in front of the bathroom mirror...

The top color is champagne, the bottom layer is chocolate, though it didn't come out as dark as I wanted so I'll try a different shade next time.  I love the champagne, it's almost effervescent in the sun; such a bright, cheerful color for the dreary months ahead.

This was a fun thing to do for a week in the 52s, and I should be really happy with the excellent results for awhile.  Well, at least until the next time I need a change...


  1. Looks fresh & fabulous! What a great look...

    1. Thanks! I'm really liking it...and it looks even better in person. ;D

  2. Lovery hair. However, because I am concerned, and full of...metta...maybe you should see someone about that black thing hanging off your face? That can't be healthy.

    Sop laughing...;p

    1. What? You saying my Cyclops look isn't cool? ;D