Friday, October 11, 2013

Mysteries and Madness

Woke up this morning with a weird torque in my lower back.  It wasn't there when I went to bed last night so what happened between then and now?  Do I walk in my sleep?  Did I go dancing with the fairies?  Have I been abducted by aliens?  It's a very painful mystery.

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I took a photo of a bird today that I can't identify.  It's very unusual when I can't find a bird listed in my National Geographic fact, I don't think it's happened before.  It was large, not flashy--except for the splash of yellow around the face--and had a slight hook at the end of its beak like a raptor.  See it here.  Another mystery...

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Blogger made some "improvements" recently.  Course, you know, dear readers, what that means.  Totally screwed up what didn't need to be improved.  I tried to change my "Ponder" quote this no avail.  For some unknown bugger-all reason, there's no saving changes in the Layout section now.  Eventually, after trying every trick I knew, I gave up and went to the useless Help area, where, after several false trails and meltdowns, I managed to discover that the engineers are working on the problem.  Seriously?  No, really.  Seriously??  From what I can tell--reading the long chain of comments and complaints--they've been working on the problem now for well over two weeks.  Holy flaming Hell.  This isn't rocket science, it's just hitting the Save button and having your frigging changes saved! 


Is Blogger owned by our ridiculous embarrassing government?  That could explain much.

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I want to work on the serial this afternoon, but I also have a huge amount of winterizing to do outside.  Course, with my wrenched back, hauling and bending and twisting my way up and down the garden slopes might not be the best idea.

Maybe a little nap would help, both with my back and my decision-making.  At the very least it will give my tired brain a wee break from the madness...

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