Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Room At The Top

Wow, how did it get to be Wednesday already?  I've been busy, mostly with DIY chores including trips to Lowe's and Home Depot, then yesterday I had 8 yards of bark dust delivered which totally finishes off all the yard work I've been doing in the front lately.  

Just a small corner of the front.  My weeping cherry tree looks so cool with the dead Halloween oak as backdrop.  The Mexican feather grass is taking over the garden like Triffids...I expect world domination by next Summer.  It's so nice that everything is done and looks so good...

And no, don't say it.  Please, don't. I know it's temporary--yard work is never done--but just let me pretend for a few days, okay?

This morning, rainy and dreary, the boys and I went for a walk along the river.  I took my camera in case there were any new blooms that caught my eye.  Instead, as we approached the path that leads down to the river, I looked across at this large dead tree where there has been an abandoned bird nest for at least the two years I've been living here.

But wait.  I squint.  Do I see something...moving?

I unzip my hoodie, where I have stashed my camera, and zoom in on the nest.  It's a bit difficult to hold steady as I have two impatient dogs dancing at the end of their leashes, an umbrella, and now a camera...with just two hands.

Once I realize the nest is not empty, I ditched the umbrella, wrapped the leashes around my boot, and did some fast camera work as the dogs fidgeted and the rain fell...

Isn't this the funniest thing ever?  I truly expected to see one of the hawks, or even a Turkey Vulture as they have just returned from down south.  But a Canadian goose?  I also love that patch of grass at the front of the nest, like a little garden to decorate the homestead.

And I've gotta say again--for about the hundredth time: How great is my camera?

I'll keep my eye on Mother Goose and maybe before too long I'll be fortunate enough to see a wee baby or two one of these days.


  1. Ha--love the goose! :) I'm a bit jealous over your yard work, my palms are itching to begin here but more snow last night has me trapped inside. Soon.....

    (your weeping cherry is so sweet!)

    1. I still have the side yard to do, but worse, the back which is so bad I almost want to sell the house and move away rather than deal with it.

      And yeah, the weeping tree is really cute...

  2. Ha - a Canada goose! How cool! Well - they can be nasty birds, let me tell! Very bold. But from afar, they can be quite majestic.

  3. Around here they usually nest near the water, in the rushes and shrubs. It was so strange to see this one up so high.