Sunday, March 10, 2013

Week 10 of the 52s...Lame Perhaps, But Whatever...

This wasn't a great week to have any fun adventures, what with the laptop issues and the loss of so many of my digital photos.  I was supposed to go to a reception at the Arts Center on Friday for the opening of a new exhibit, but by the evening, I just couldn't muster the energy.  I was sorry on one hand, but on the other--after pouring a nice big glass of wine and settling in for the night--it felt fine to just stay up the mountain to relax and unwind.

So, in light of my crap week...

Week 10 of the 52s has certainly been...something.  Not only do I have a new notebook, but I've also learned a few new things--not all of them pleasant.  Though this week's post might be lacking in adventure, and truly not in keeping with how I want to experience my Weeks, I just don't have anything else to contribute.  Lame it might be, I'm still not willing to skip a week.

My new notebook.  Which someday might be fun, but at the moment is definitely not...


Yesterday the temperature was in the mid-70s with clear blue skies.  Seriously.  We are barely into March and it's unseasonably warm here in the NW--and has been for several weeks.  I was outside working in just a tee shirt when it should have been in the 40s and cold.  I'm already dreading Summer...

So, I finish my chores in the front and wander to the back to discover that somehow, seemingly overnight, the lawn looks like elephant grass and easily reaches to my ankles.  Oh no no no.  It's too soon for mowing!!  Isn't it??  Buggers.

Does it count for Week 10 that mowing in March is a first? Is a first the same as new?  Maybe not, but regardless, I had no choice but to mow or risk losing Ozzy in the jungle.


Here's something I want to share. 

This morning over breakfast, I watched this video over on Angy's site, Tied Up With String.  At first I wasn't sure what to expect, thinking perhaps it was some kind of religious thing--it is not.  Plus it's 6 minutes long, which is a fair length when most vids are much shorter, but being the curious cat that I am, I made a fresh cuppa and decided to give it a look.

I was totally amazed, not only by the boy and his skill, but at the absolute joy and wonder in perfect storytelling.

Take a minute...or will be worth it.

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