Thursday, November 3, 2011

And on it goes...

Woke up in the night to the sound of pouring rain.  What a welcome event after months and months of endless dry weather.  And really, is there anything more pleasant than being warm and toasty, all snuggled down in the blankets, while the rain pounds down outside..??  I love that.

Not much NaNo writing done yesterday.  I need to cement the plot, or at least get a handle on the main characters.  Maybe I really am writing by the seat of my pants because the free form thinking seems to have stalled out.  Ah well, today I might be inspired...right..??

I didn't realize the next installment of the journal was yet another long discourse.  Is everyone totally sick of this..??  I might be getting there myself.  Still, it's been really interesting to relive my trip, gain some perspective now that I'm back in Roseburg, and review what I've learned, felt and cried over whilst on this pilgrimage.

So, without further ado...


Wednesday - Oct 19th
Princes St Gardens
Park bench, 10:30am

How much has happened since Sunday, my last post...??!!

Had a wonderful dinner w/Jack & Alice at the country inn in Ratho.  Good food, great company, perfect way to spend a Sunday evening.  And wow, I didn't even cry.  It was so nice to just sit and talk over dinner, about life, old times, Alan, and all things in between.  I do so love those two.

Got back to the hotel around 9:00-ish and called Gail.  Apologized for leaving my earlier call (blubbering).  She said she expected tears, so no problem.  Dogs are doing really well, in fact probably better w/her & Scott than w/me!  Course that makes me feel bad and must make some changes there--somehow.  Spend more play time with them??  Guess when I figure out what the flaming hell I'm going to do, that will help too.

Monday was a truly horrible weather day.  Torrential, non-stop deluge.  Lorna came into town at Noon for our lunch date, tho' because of the lashing rain, we decided not to go out, so stayed at the hotel and ate in the Tempus restaurant, which was just fine.  The food is great and it was easy.  We talked until 3:00pm or so, then she braved the elements and headed back to Cramond.  It was really so good to see her.

Went back to my room, and with rain streaming down the windows, decided to spend the rest of the day/night in my room.

Which was a great plan, as it turned out.  I put on my jammies, got all snuggly in my giant bed with all my pillows, made a big cup of tea, and watched the last Harry Potter movie.  As it was still bucketing down at dinner time and I just couldn't face going out into the storm, I ordered room service...and yummy it was, too: salmon cakes, garlic aioli sauce and a small salad.  So delicious, I had to call room service and send my compliments to the chef.

Harry called me later in the evening.  We had a great conversation for 20 minutes or so.  I was glad he called and sorry we ran out of time and couldn't get together in person.

Tuesday I woke not feeling so hot.  I was very tired and felt a bit sore throaty, but the sun was shining and I have only a few precious days left, so out I went.  Sat in the window, 2nd floor, of Costa on Princes St, looking over the Gardens and up at the castle while I drank my mocha and ate a muffin.  Such a grand sight.  I never get tired of it.

Took a cab to Craigleith (though again I tried to wait for a bus, but in the end just couldn't be bothered).  Went to M&S, bought some treats that I have missed (all butter flapjacks for one) to take on the plane for snacks, then popped into Boots for some throat lozenges on my way to the new Sainsbury's.  Which was so different!  They were working on the changes just as we left Edinburgh last year, but I never would have imagined how much it was changed.  I was disappointed that I couldn't find a good selection of tee shirts, tho' managed to find two.  Bought a few more food things, then back to the hotel with my goodies.

By early afternoon (and half a bag of my precious flapjacks already eaten!!), with the sun blazing into my room, I had to get outside and do something, though I really wasn't feeling too good at all.  It just wouldn't do to spend my last moments in Edinburgh closed up in my hotel room!!

Walked to St James and went to John Lewis.  Spent an hour or so, bought some knitting wool (and how many times did Alan & I do just that when I was in my sock phase??), then decided to buy a small carry-on bag--which was on sale-- because I think I have too much stuff to get in my purse (food stuff!!)

Left J Lewis, hit Multrees Walk, and ended up at Valvona & Corolla for a coffee and two wee bombalinis--those delicious mouthwatering sugary donut twists.  Very good, as always.

When I got back to the hotel, Jack called and asked about meeting up, maybe at the Oxford Bar, but honestly, I was so not feeling well.  I hate the idea of flying for hours on end and being ill.  Crap.  Begged off getting together, though might connect tomorrow.  Dosed myself w/some cold & flu stuff I picked up at Boots, but I don't have much hope for a miracle overnight cure.  I was hoping to avoid just the very thing that has happened: being sick w/thousands of miles to travel ahead of me.  Dammit.


Had a terrible night's sleep (or non-sleep I guess would be more accurate) and woke up this Wednesday morning sad, depressed and horribly unwilling to leave Edinburgh tomorrow, though I am getting a bit tired of living in a hotel, no matter how good the room service!!  I wish I could just go home to Cramond and get on with things as normal.

The sun is bright, it's a most glorious sunny morning.  I have now moved from the park bench to a small table @ the new improved National Gallery.  The cafe underneath the Gallery says it's "all things Scottish."  There's a piper playing somewhere in the background, Saltire waving in the breeze, my scone and coffee just delivered.  I'll keep writing as I enjoy the moment.

Talked to Jimmy last night and think the four of us (Jack, Alice, Jimmy and I) will meet up this afternoon.  I have to get on the hotel computer@ Noon and do my seat assignment & boarding pass stuff, then other than pack everything up this evening, I'm free. 

And remain clueless as to my next moves.  I'm purposely not allowing myself to dwell, decide or otherwise take any steps until I get back to Roseburg and the quiet after such a journey as this has been.

Have to call Gail later today and arrange to be collected at the airport tomorrow night.  And how surreal is that??   Here I sit, Princes St Gardens, in the sun at a small cafe, and this time tomorrow I'll be leaving; tomorrow night I'll be in PDX.

Sadly, Morag fell and did some damage on Monday during the monsoon rains, so we haven't been able to connect at all, and now won't.  We were supposed to meet for lunch yesterday, but she was still in the hospital.  Lorna called this morning to tell me Morag would be coming home today, but I can't go to Cramond, so guess that's it for seeing her this trip.  At least we had those first few hours the day I arrived.

Must sign off and get back to the hotel and get some business taken care of.  More later...

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