Sunday, November 27, 2011

Way too early...

Got up before it was even light out this morning...thanks to Ozzy.  I don't know what his problem was, but all night long it was on the bed, off the bed, on, off, until I was ready to...well, never mind what I was ready to do.  Finally, I just got up, made some coffee and prepared to take him out and down the road in the pitch dark.  Hmmmm.  Where is he..??  Look all over the bloody house.  Find him asleep in bed, curled up in the warmth of where I was sleeping.  Buggers.

So, there I was, up too early.  Decided to read some blogs I follow, then perhaps--if I could wake up enough--get a head start on the NaNo writing.  As I was reading, drinking my coffee, eating my cereal, the light in the living room began to turn this muted fiery pink.  I opened the blinds.  It was beautiful, with Roseburg shrouded in fog below, the pinks and yellows aglow in the sky as the sun rose over the distant mountains...

My photos don't do the colors justice, at all.  Here's a closer shot of the same picture above.  Notice the fiery reds in the treeline, middle left.  It looks like they're burning, especially if you click on the photo to see it larger.

When I went out to the front deck to take these, the dogs (I thought sleeping dogs) seemed to think I was trying to pull a fast one and leave them behind as I snuck out behind their backs.  I came in the house, and there they sat, staring up at me, tails sweeping along the carpet, tongues lolling, ready and eager to get the day going.  Nuts.  There went writing in the predawn quiet of a Sunday morning.  Ah well. 

Got the day started, took the boys walking and now am waiting for Jan to call.  After talking to her, I'll be inspired to get back to work; she's head cheerleader of the "You Can Do It" squad.  So, it's all good, even if the day began way, way too early. 

There's the phone now...

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