Thursday, November 17, 2011

A First...

The furnace guy has already come and gone this morning.  Good thing I got up early, though he still caught me way off guard when he called at 7:30am to say he was on the way.  I've never been first on a service call.  Really.  Never.  Many a time I have verbalized this fact, mostly in a loud and cranky voice:  "Why am I never first on the call list?  Someone is, why isn't it ever me?  Who are the people that get the first call of the day?  Who are they?  Who. Are. They. ??"

And on my rants go as I waste the better part of my day trapped at home, waiting for the cable guy, or the dishwasher guy, or the Sears guy about the washing machine, or the whatever guy who is supposed to show before lunch, but actually arrives as I'm putting dinner on the table.

What an amazing thing this morning, then.  I WAS FIRST!!!  Wow.  Red letter day for sure.  The guy was in my driveway before 8:00 and went straight to work, and was gone before 9:00.  Even the dogs were shocked and hardly barked as the guy came up the stairs to check out the thermostat.  Natch--based on past history--I wasn't prepared for anyone that early and was barely out of my jammies.  Oops.  I looked like Medusa and was still working on my first cup of coffee, and the sweats I tossed on when I got up this morning are most definitely not suitable for outsiders to view.  However, in my excitement at being FIRST, I didn't care, so I slapped my newsboy cap over my spiky, wild hair, zipped up my sweatshirt to (hopefully) conceal the no bra look, and hid behind my laptop as much as possible.

Furnace Man was very efficient, and hurrah, he said my furnace is in great shape and running fine.   And it didn't cost me nearly what I expected...less than $100, great bonus.  That actually makes two this week.  The winterizing/maintenance on the car on Tuesday was also less than $100, and my baby is in perfect running order (and yes, thank you for asking, I do love and adore my Chevy).  I honestly anticipated these two service deals would be closer to the $1,000 mark, so I'm sort of floating with joy at the money I didn't have to spend.


Two shots of the weather outside as I sit here writing...

And for once, the weather people were right on.  It's been a monumentally crappy day of lashing rain and really black, stormy clouds rolling over the Coast Range and into the valley below the house.  And oh, how I'm enjoying it..!!  This is my kind of weather, forget all that sun and heat and sweating stuff.  Ugh.

It was a bit dicey trying to walk the dogs, though I somehow timed it just right (a fluke) and we got down the mountain, had a great walk in the park, and managed to make it back here with nary a drop of rain, though it had poured before we left, and is pouring now. 

Still no wind--which was the main concern in the weather reports--but it's early.  I've got flashlights placed strategically around the house, though with all the utilities underground losing electricity is pretty rare.  What I will lose however is the Dish.  Cripes, even in a gentle breeze sometimes the television signal craps out, so if we actually get the expected winds of 50+mph, I'll be doing lots of reading later.


Did really well with the NaNo word count yesterday--managed to exceed the 35K goal--though I was writing until after 8:00 last night.  Still.  If I can keep up the pace through the weekend, I might reach 50K before Thanksgiving.  It would be cool to pull that off, then I could relax for a day or two and enjoy the holiday.  I'm determined this year to prevail; it was so disappointing last year, and though there were extenuating circumstances that kept me from finishing, it still felt like a failure.  Not this year.  I'm going to hit that 50K, one way or another, by the deadline or before.


Okay, that's all.  I must get on with the day, and my writing.  And though usually I can think of a way to finish a post, today that skill (??) is eluding me, so...

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