Monday, November 14, 2011

Monday Mayhem

Totally busy day, and in fact the rest of the week looks fairly intense, too.  I'm not sure my word count will remain as steady, though that's part of the whole NaNo thing: pressurized madness..!!

Got a great haircut this morning, then went grocery shopping.  Bought the Thanksgiving turkey--and that seems to have been a good idea considering I had to practically elbow my way through a veritable horde of women swarming over the birds..!!

Back to the house, laundry, putting away the groceries, lunch, then I did a bit of gardening, though nothing worth noting.  The Birch trees are still in leaf and I really and truly will not go out and rake day after day.  What a total, complete, nutso thing to do..!!  One of the people further up the road from me gets out his leaf blower EVERY SINGLE AFTERNOON and drives me crazy with the burrrrr-rrrrr-rrrrrr as he chases oak leaves all over the road.  Oak leaves that promptly blow right back across the road and into his front yard every evening.  Maybe it's a guy thing.  Maybe if he looks really busy his wife won't make him do any actual work.

In this photo I took this morning, you can't tell that the front landscaping, and the deck/stairs, are covered with Birch leaves.  And I don't care.  What I did care about was getting this photo of the trees.  They're changing color, but one half is going faster than the other...very distinctly half and half.  It looks really cool in person.

Worked later today on the NaNo stuff.  I know where I'm going with the plot for maybe one more day, then I can already see that brick wall coming up fast.  Hopefully I will have a blinding revelation sometime real soon...real, real soon.

Blog might be a bit hit or miss this week.  Tomorrow I have to take the car in for its winterizing and don't quite know how I'm going to get back home while that's happening.  I'm not going to sit there all day waiting, that's for sure.  I've got two wee dogs that need to eat and go outside.  I could rent a car, I suppose, but I'd rather not.  The servicing will be costing me enough money without adding a day's car rental to go from the service garage to my house and back...6 miles, maybe.  Totally can't justify that expense.  Then I have the furnace guy coming on Wednesday...or,, Wednesday I'm going out with the neighbor women for lunch--they won't take no for an answer; I should be grateful as they are just trying to keep me busy.  As if.  So, that means the furnace man is coming Thursday.  Yikes.  Really looking forward to Friday this week.

Hey.  You hear that...??  Quiet.  Listen.  Can you hear it...??  It's the sound of...yes, I recognize it now...the sound of...ka....ka....
ka-ching...ka-ching...ka-ching  !!!!!!!!

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