Monday, November 7, 2011

Monday musings...

First, a quick note about NaNo:  I decided to return to my brothers and carry on with Book Two.  It feels right and it's good to be back with one of my favorite guys, Colin the happy-go-lucky, though things are most definitely NOT going to be so happy or lucky for him by the time I'm finished...mwah ha ha...

It was a very rainy Sunday, which suited me fine.  Again, I couldn't get outside to take care of the gardening and pretty much spent the day reading, talking to Jan in LA, baking, and installing a new Venetian blind over my glass front door.  That project turned out really well, and I managed to center it perfectly and it looks great.  I never liked the fact half the door is leaded/beveled glass.  In the daylight it's beautiful, at night it's just downright creepy.  So.  Took care of it and now I feel all snug and cosy, and with more darkness coming for the winter, less goldfish-bowl visible.  (What can I say..??  I'm a girl on top of a mountain by myself...the dark is not my friend these days). 

After walking the dogs this morning, and seeing no rain is sight, I did some yard work.  The pumpkin vines had gotten all gray and moldy-looking (thanks to the frosty mornings of a few days ago), and I really just needed to tidy things up a bit.  Leaves are blowing everywhere but I draw the line at raking day after endless day.  I'll wait until the leaves have all fallen, then will deal with what's left.

Here's the ugly vines...and boy, was I glad to get rid of them, though wish I could have kept growing the pumpkins.

My wee boy Ozzy is not afraid of the camera and posed very nicely for this shot.  The top three pumpkins are the ones I've just cut off the moldy vines above, and wow, they are just so big and cool.  The bottom two were the ones I had on the front steps for Halloween...and no, I never got around to carving them.  Just didn't feel it this year...

All five lined up, though now I don't have a clue what to do with them.  I definitely want seeds, so when they start to fall apart, I'll harvest those.  These were the best and biggest pumpkins I've grown, so I want to save some seeds for a future garden.  Gail is cooking her pumpkins, then freezing the meat for the winter to make pumpkin bread, pies, etc.  I'm not sure I can be bothered to do much more than feed the birds with the innards, and save myself some seeds.  Cool to see them on the back steps though, isn't it..??

I managed to get some work done on the NaNo book yesterday afternoon, between reading and making brownies.  I got the new word count to 2,718 which is good and gives me a positive nudge to keep going.  The brownies were an invention of sorts as I didn't have exactly the right ingredients.  They ended up like chocolate pancakes, but still...when one has a chocolate craving on a rainy Sunday and driving down a mountain for two ingredients isn't an make do.  And hey, nothing wrong with chocolate pancakes..!!

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