Monday, November 21, 2011

Painful Monday...

Arrgghhh.  What a crappy couple of days. 

One good thing though: this doggone house is clean as a whistle.  Another thing..??  I've decided I'm going to live in a very, very small little place.  Maybe Hobbit size.  Two bedrooms, one bathroom, small yard.  Either that, or I'll have to win the Lottery and hire a housekeeper and/or gardener.  I just can't do it.  Really.  I can't.  And after three days of housework, I still have the outside to do: raking leaves, sweeping both decks, putting away garden hoses, pruning hedges, on and on.  Good grief people.  I'm just one person here..!!!!!


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Today was a dentist day.  I had both crowns finished this afternoon.  Agony.  One tooth is fine, the other is acting like a red-hot poker has been stuck into my jaw instead of the crown.  We can send a man to the moon, and yet there haven't been any advances in dentistry that alleviate pain and anguish..??


This morning--and briefly this afternoon before the Novocaine wore off--I managed to get my NaNo count over the 40K mark...just.  Still, it's made me feel a bit more positive about reaching my elusive goal.  I was very upset that I had to spend most of the weekend doing housework, leaving me too wiped out to write, even if it was my choice. 

I only have 10K to go now, and that seems so minor compared to three weeks ago when I had the whole 50K to do.  I'm confident I can pull this off.  Well, okay, theoretically I can pull it off.  No, no.  I can do it.  Yeah, really.  Confident is my middle name...


The blog might take a hit while I'm squeezing in some NaNo writing, having Thanksgiving dinner, eating that Hot Turkey sandwich later, and spending time with Mom.  We'll see how it goes. 

Ah, the joys of the Holiday Season...

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