Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Wednesday thoughts...

There's a "severe weather alert" for my neck of the woods.  Guess it's supposed to be the first real Winter Storm (yes, caps on purpose.  I'm humoring the weather folks).  Starting tomorrow, there are to be winds up to 55mph and buckets of rain, followed by lots of snow in the mountains, including nearly a foot in the four mountain passes between my house and my mother's.  The storm is to continue--in snow mode--until at least Sunday.  The worry is that there are other storms behind this one, and with my Mom coming next Wednesday to spend the Thanksgiving holiday with me, if things don't melt, and/or look like there's a window of calm before the next storm, she can't drive up here.

I don't mind the rain, the snow, even the wind, or the fact it's going to be crap weather...after all, it's that time of year.  What I don't like is my Mom having to deal with any of it as she drives over the passes by herself under possibly dangerous conditions.  This might turn out to be the Thanksgiving That Never Was. 

Still, I will carry on making the dinner--mainly because I am just drooling for a Hot Turkey Sandwich the day after Thanksgiving.  Frankly, to me, forget the whole turkey deal on the day, just let me at that sandwich.  Thick slices of white turkey, stacked on stuffing over buttered bread, then smothered in gravy.  This is the one and only time of the year I don't give a hoot about calories, cholesterol, or dropping dead after dinner from such a rich feast of carbs.  So.  Regardless of having company for the day, or celebrating alone, I'm absolutely gonna have that sandwich on Friday..!!


NaNo word count is looking good, though today is the "here comes the brick wall" point where I will either have to scale the thing with bleeding fingers, or bash my head against it, depending on how my afternoon goes.  I pretty much know where the next chapter is going, and hope I can get to 35K by the end of the day, but I never know how the story will play out when I actually sit down to write.  On one hand that's cool because I'm as surprised as the next person when a twist or turn comes along.  On the other hand however, it's not so cool when my brain dries up like a prune and I ramble around the house wishing I had a cigarette because I JUST KNOW I could smoke out that plot.  Seriously, back in my smoking days I used to walk outside, have a cigarette, and the plot would just unfold in my mind as I puffed away.  Now..??  I wander around and spend the time wishing I still smoked rather than thinking about what's happening next in the flaming plot.  Nuts...


Now, in the unlikely event any guys are reading this post, you can drift away at this juncture.  Unless you're into shoes, because that's what I want to talk about now...or more specifically, my new boots.

Yesterday I went to my local department store where they were having a monumental once a year super sale.  I think they're trying to get a jump on the dreaded Black Friday--which I will not be bothering with as I will be eating my Hot Turkey Sandwich.  Anyway.  I wasn't specifically looking for boots, though I did need some new shoes for dog walking this winter.  My old high top tennies have seen better days, for sure. 

But look what I found.  My Christmas present to myself.  These amazingly cool, extremely comfortable, fit like they were made for my feet, I'm in love, boots:

Thank you, Santa...XOXOXOXO

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