Saturday, November 26, 2011

Food and Finales

I'm still too full from Thanksgiving.  Today I've managed to eat a bowl of cereal for breakfast and a yogurt for lunch, but I'm pretty sure I'll be giving up food for the immediate future.  My much anticipated Hot Turkey sandwich last night was one meal over the line, I think.  Also, Mom brought too much food, after I told her I had the menu planned and didn't need her to bring anything.  It's a Mom thing I guess.  You know, feed the masses even if there aren't any.  Her yeast rolls, though..??  Mouthwatering.

Dinner was good; my delicious, no-fail gravy was most yummy as always, and so great on that sandwich last night.  There were just too many leftovers, which meant we actually ate two complete Thanksgiving dinners two days in a row.  Groan.

Black Friday shopping was bad for those folks out in the malls and department stores yesterday.  We didn't do that.  Hit some thrift shops, and a few off the beaten track stores, pretty much avoiding the chaos and having a good day out in the process.

While I was walking the dogs this morning (gone about 45 minutes), Mom stayed behind to load her car, and get ready for her drive south.  And she did do that.  But the other thing she did--and how she pulled it off in such a short time I don't have a clue--was totally sweep out the massive drifts of birch and oak leaves that had blown into the garage, and piled up in several heaps outside, against the garage doors.  Seriously, it was a monumental feat.  I had planned on walking the boys, saying farewell to Mom, spending the rest of the morning working on the leaf piles, then later this afternoon finally getting around to the NaNo book.  Mom saved me.  I was able to send her off home, make a coffee, and sit down at the laptop.  No more work.  No leaves.  Nothing to do but write.  Amazing.

So, thanks to Mom, I boosted the word count substantially today, and feel really good about that fact as I sit here tonight.  I've edged over the 43K mark, and have just under 7k to go.  The plot is going really well and tomorrow I hope to write another 3K at least--though Jan (BFF) is calling in the late morning and we really need to catch up as we haven't had a good blather since she got home from LA early last week.  Still.  I have faith I will be blasting to the finish line within the next few days.  Without jinxing things (fingers crossed), I'm starting to get excited about the NaNo finale this year.

Need to go sit back and relax now, for the first time really in over a week.  There's a Lord of the Rings marathon playing on the telly, and that will do me just fine, thank you.  I can practically recite the lines verbatim as I've seen these movies many, many times, so I'll be able to watch my favorite scenes while I read my new Food Network magazine, and pay some attention to the dogs with cuddles and tummy rubs. gotta love it.

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