Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Chins and Stuff...

I'm back from dropping off the car for its service.  I got a shuttle ride from the dealership, which was very nice, plus they will come back for me in a couple of hours.  Now, if I can just survive the bill when everything is said and done.


This morning, whilst in the shower and washing my face, I thought I felt something stuck to my chin.  After some scrubbing I realized it was the dreaded alien chin hair.  OMG, how long has it been since I last plucked..??  How can this hair be so coarse, and grow so fast..??  I should sell my chin hair gene to science.  Men would have full heads of hair in no time.

My very rude alter ego--that horrible other me--had to get her two cents in right about then.  She is very opinionated and bossy and thinks she knows it all.   I have learned over the years to just let her ramble, try not to take her criticisms too seriously, and move on.  Here's a snippet of our internal dialogue as I finished showering:


Me (musing on when I last picked up those tweezers):  I'm sure it was just the other day.  Yeah, the day I went to the dentist.

Horrible Other Me:  That was two weeks ago.

Me:  No it wasn't, it was just the other...um....two weeks, huh?

HOM:  And don't get me started on the last time you used a razor on those legs.

Me:  Hey!  No one sees my legs!  I don't have a man around, so what's the point?  It's winter and the extra hair helps keep my legs warm.

HOM:  Yeti.

Me:  Go away.  I'm done listening to you.

HOM:  Do you still have that craft box, the one with all the beads?

Me:  Yes.  Why?

HOM:  I think this might be a good look for you...and those chin hairs.

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