Saturday, November 19, 2011

Domestic Goddess...Not

If there's one thing I truly can't stand to do, it's clean house.  Ugh.  I really don't do the domestic drudge goddess routine, at all.  However, with Mom coming on Wednesday...well.  She doesn't come with white gloves...she IS white gloves.

I have lots of chores--things I should have done regardless of Mom coming, but I've been doing NaNo instead--so today I portioned out the work over the next few days.  Today I changed all the bedding in the guest room, got the room sparkling, and hey, it looks really good.  Clean, cosy and comfortable...

[Aside:  Though I detest cleaning, I love having everything clean.  Go figure]


You'll notice the sun blazing in the windows.  I've had to shut the blinds in the Great Room because it's too bright and getting too solar hot.  It's November, people.  I'm done with the freaking sun, the heat, and what the hell happened to that huge snowstorm we were supposed to have for the weekend...????  Nuts.

Last night it did get cold, and rained like crazy after I went to bed, but this morning walking the dogs it was just misty and foggy.  By the time we got home that was lifting, and later in the morning, when the clouds cleared...

This was taken on the front deck, Roseburg in the distance. That great gnarly oak tree is directly across the road from the house.

Close up of same view. 

In the lower right, kind of framed between the branches of the tree, you can see the VA complex where I walk the dogs on the weekends.  Course, you can't see it very well, or appreciate how truly extensive the grounds are from this distance, but still, that's where we go.  Maybe clicking on the photo will bring it closer.


Notice my NaNo word count hasn't changed.  Drat and damn.  I managed about 200 words yesterday, but kept getting interrupted.  Not that I minded because I had a good long talk with my sister, then an old friend called that I haven't spoken to for ages.  After one call, dinner, and the other call, I just couldn't seem to get back to my story, so that took care of my attempt to reach the 40K mark yesterday.  I'm cranky--with myself--that I didn't manage it, but it was also good to talk to my sister and touch base with an old friend.

Unfortunately, I'm not doing too great on the writing  front today either.  It's after 4:00 in the afternoon already and I'm just getting the blog posted.  Aarrgghh.  The few chores I had allocated for today ended up being WAY more--though it's good I got both bathrooms cleaned, kitchen floor washed, two loads of laundry done, laundry room cleaned/floor washed, and guest room prepared for Mom--but I haven't written a single word on the book.  Maybe later this evening...

Time to take the dogs down the road to the mailbox before it gets dark, then I'm going to make a nice, big cup of tea and contemplate my next move.  Assuming I can still move once I sit down and put my feet up.  But worse than that..??  Tomorrow I have the rest of the chores to finish...buggers.

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