Saturday, November 5, 2011

The End...and maybe...A Beginning

Today is a brilliantly crappy weather day.  Perfect, actually.  Pouring down rain, wind blowing all the leaves off the trees...ah...I've been waiting months for such a day.

Managed to walk the dogs before the shift from cloudy and cool, to miserable and stormy.  We walk through the grounds of the VA (Veterans Admin) on the weekends because it's beautiful, quiet and makes a change from the city and/or county parks.

This is one of the buildings we walk past.  It's very impressive, isn't it..??  And this is just one of several buildings that comprise the whole VA Healthcare system in Roseburg.  The paths meander through gardens tucked between the buildings--it's a really great place to walk, though can only do it on the weekends as the place is hopping busy during the week.

So, after walking the critters, we made a few quick stops before coming home, and just as I pulled into the garage, the rains started.  Good timing, and will make for a great afternoon for me as I was planning to work outside clearing out the pumpkin patch and throwing away some flowers in pots that have seen better days.  How nice it's now raining like crazy and I have to stay indoors...

I'm going to finish this post today with the last pages of my travel writings.  Thanks for reading along on such a painful, joyful, sad, happy journey--well, thanks to those of you who managed to keep reading even though it must have seemed endless a time or two.

Most of the following is about the bad trip back to the States, and how sick I got as the hours went by.  And really..??  I was truly sick.  It took until just this past week before I started to feel better; today I finally feel like myself again.  In any case, I want to finish this, and move forward. 


Friday, Oct 21st, 3:30pm
Gail's House

What a wretched, horrible, long and arduous journey to get here.  Late planes, endless sitting on tarmacs, forever and a day in Newark.  I was so tired, fried, and sick by the time the plane landed in PDX at 10:30pm, I just couldn't believe it.  I literally stumbled off the plane and could hardly find my way to the effing baggage claim.  Called Gail and only waited about 5 minutes after getting my suitcase and there she was.

Dogs were very excited, though perhaps a bit reserved.  I think they were hoping they could live at Gail and Scott's since there's ever so much more fun to be had here than in the House of Doom in Roseburg.

Went almost immediately to bed and passed out until about 5:30am before I had to get up to blow my nose/take some throat lozenges.  Back to bed, but only made it to 7:30 and got up.

Gail and I went to this cool new store by her house called Chuck's and bought some groceries, then went to Freddie's so I could get some different cold meds.  Truly, I am not in good shape.  All I really want to do is go to bed and sleep for a week, but with dogs that can't be done.

I sent a global email to everyone, with much love and thanks for all their support and care while I was in Edinburgh.  I am terribly unclear so far about what to do next, but am still resisting any kind of deep thinking until after I get back to Roseburg--and recover from the plague.  What will  happen then..??  I wish I knew.

My quest has come full circle.  With any luck, answers will be forthcoming...


And there you have it:  Nine days inside the alleys and back roads of my mind.  I'll maybe do a recap of my thoughts/feelings now that some time has passed, and I can think a bit clearer with a head free of plague germs.  I know it was a necessary journey I had to make, and was one of real discovery, on several levels, but more on that later. 

It's time to get back to work on the NaNo book before I fall too far behind.  Today with all this gloomy rain is the perfect afternoon to write...

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