Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Rainy Wednesday Afternoon...

Finally a chance to wind down, relax and get into the spirit of this wretched wonderful holiday.

Made my pumpkin pie this morning, while the rain literally poured down the windows in rivers.  And, for nearly the first time ever, I didn't take the dogs down the mountain for their walk.  It was truly just too rainy. 

So, I made the pie, and along the way made a major mistake that I totally should have known better not to make:  I tried a different pie crust recipe.  What was I thinking..??  I have a perfectly great, tried-and-true recipe, but no...let's try something new for Thanksgiving because I need more stress in my life.  I won't go into the details of how the crust stuck like glue to the rolling pin, or fell into pieces when I tried to get it into the pie pan.  **Deep sigh**   Eventually I prevailed, though it wasn't pretty; neither was my language.

Now, the pie itself came out looking good, though the new crust shrank in the dish, and in this photo doesn't even look cooked, though in reality it's a nice golden brown.  Ah well.  The Thanksgiving Pumpkin Pie is done for this year, and tomorrow we'll find out if it actually tastes good.

Mom arrived safe and sound, though had a really terrible drive on the freeway to get here in such stormy weather with lots of trucks and people and rain, but now she's here, warm and toasty.  Hopefully by the time she leaves this weekend, the weather will be more accommodating for her drive home.

Will do a quick Thanksgiving post tomorrow, but have a whole dinner to prepare and a pie to nibble on, so that will probably be the extent of things for the next day or two, especially as Mom wants to go out on the dreaded Black Friday.  Still, no matter how Friday, the crowds, or shopping might play out, my reward will be that Hot Turkey sandwich at the end of the day...

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